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Sally at West Wittering beach, Sussex, 1960's.Sally, 1963.Anthony Tyley in home studio, 1966.Sally. London, 1966, with acknowledgements to Irving Penn, 1957.Sally in Richmond Park, 1967.Sally at easel, 26th December 1967, Sutton Court.Sally, March 1967.Sally, 8th February 1968, Sutton Court .Sally under lights 14 Jan 1968Susan and Peter, 1960's.Sue, November 1967.F. B. at Claremont, Surrey, 1968Pat, Autumn 1971.G. on the beach at Charmouth, Dorset, 1976.Carolyn, Charmouth, Dorset, late 1970's.Carolyn, Charmouth, Dorset, late 1970's.Charmouth, Dorset, 1970'sCarolyn, Greece 1980Carolyn, June 1980, in natural window lighting.Judy Umney, married to a BBC friend.