The Sensitive Eye - photographs by Anthony Tyley | Street Photography, East Anglia, Cambridgeshire and London.
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High Visibility, Charing Cross Road, Chinese New Year, 2014.High Visibility, Charlotte, Crowd Marshall, Chinese New Year, London 2014.High Visibility, St. Ives, 2015Cambourne 120913 MCambourne 002Cambourne 120936Cambourne 121301Cambourne 121324Tim at work on St. Ives High Street, 4th May, 2018.Nail Bar St. Ives.Nail Bar St. Ives - 2.Sunday 1Sunday 2Cambridge, April 2016"Rupert Brooke" car park, Grantchester, summer 2013.Michaelmas Fair, St. Ives, Cambridge.St. Ives Michaelmas Fair 2012Hunstanton, Norfolk.St Ives, Cambridgeshire.New Year's Eve, Cambridge, 2015.