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JessicaTattersalls, Newmarket: on the Bidder's rail.Mr David Thomas, Optometrist.Mr Todd Watt, Auctioneer, Tattersalls, Newmarket, 2011.Portrait on location.Double portraitMarlene Almeida and Miguel Monteiro, dance instructors, during a  DJ Sacha event.DJ Sacha class - 2DJ Sacha classEmma tidying the punts, New Year's Eve, 2015.Beth and Imogen punting on the CamBeth and Imogen, C. 2006HelenJohnBertie, London.John McGill, sculptor, 2011.Tattersalls, Newmarket, Suffolk, 2011.Montmartre, Paris, 1978Stella Pixton, artist, poet, proprietess "Jurby Junk", Isle of ManA rainy day in Cambridge.