The Sensitive Eye - photographs by Anthony Tyley | London open air sculpture exhibitions, 1960's and 70's. Dame Elisabeth Frink, Michael Ayrton, Reg Butler, Eduardo Paolozzi, David Wynn.
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Sculpture in Holland Park 1975. "Troy Maze" by Michael Ayrton, 1972.Sculpture in Holland Park, 1975. "Boy with a Dolphin", by David WynnSculpture in Holland Park, May - July 1975. "Girl on back", by Reg Butler.Holland Park: Andre Wallace, "In the Rose Garden", 1975, fibreglass.Battersea, 1977. Tribute l - lV by Dame Elisabeth Frink, 1975, detail.Battersea, 1977. Tribute l - lV by Dame Elisabeth Frink, 1975, detail.David Hall, "Isomet", detail, 1966Sculpture in the Open Air, Battersea Park, 1966. "Slant" by Phillip King, 1965.Paolozzi, Eduardo.L-R: "Palm", 1965; "Tokio", 1964; "Hamlet in a Japanese manner", 1966. Aluminium, painted. Battersea, 1966.Armitage, Kenneth."Mouton Variation", brass 1964.Armitage, Kenneth. "Pandarus Version 11", brass, detail, 1964.