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These three photographs were published in the Summer 2014 "Vintage" edition of the magazine "Flip", circulated to members of London Independent Photography.

By his mid - teens, Anthony Tyley was an enthusiastic photographer, recording his environment in West London. The 1959 London Photo Fair featured many exhibitors’ stands with models supplied for the Rolleiflex wielding visitors. By 1966, Anthony was an Assistant Film Editor at the BBC, and able to obtain “short ends” of 35mm cine film stock, left over from location film shoots, for use in his 35mm Pentax. Chelsea was truly swinging then: the woman's style, in the Triumph Spitfire car, was possibly inspired by Audrey Hepburn playing Holly Golightly in the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany's”. There is a similar scene, involving a rather larger overloaded car, in the opening moments of the 1966 Antonioni feature film "Blow Up"' which Anthony Tyley recalls seeing in the nearby ABC Fulham Road cinema.

As the archive is more fully explored, Anthony is finding several examples of these references to feature films and photographers of the various decades covered. The introduction to the work of Michelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman, by a former Shell Film Unit cinematographer friend, was hugely influential.
London Photo Fair, Olympia, May 1959.London Photo Fair, Olympia, May 1959.King's Road, Chelsea, 1966.